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This format presently forms the bulk of student strength studying with Motion. Our classroom facilities have the reputation of being one of the best equipped in Kota. Air conditioned and tech enabled rooms ensure that students have the best studying atmosphere.


The School Integrated Program is a unique program for the students that integrates school syllabus mastery and test preparations skills with personal self-study and focused coaching. At Motion, we believe to be always in sync with time that is why the teaching formats we offer are best of both the worlds. We prepare the students for their boards as well as the competitive exams according to the school curriculum, so that the students are synchronized in stress free environment.


The focus is on making education a two way communication process. We encourage our students to think and not just be interested in cramming a few rote concepts. We also believe in extensively covering the complete syllabus on time, so that students get sufficient time for revision. All the subjects are covered to cater student’s every requirement at school and competitive level.


After a topic completion, we conduct Doubt Removal sessions for that topic. A team of dedicated assistant faculties remain available on a regular basis to solve the problems. Back up Classes are planned and arranged for specific students, according to their performance reports, to improve the performance level of such students.


Each student’s database is maintained which includes attendance record and result of periodic tests. Both parents & students have access to these performance sheets. All students enrolled are required to attend all classroom sessions and test series except under the most unavoidable circumstances. Information about student’s absence is provided to his or her parent through SMS or call depending upon the number of days of his / her absence. For a planned absence from any session(s), students are required to intimate the Attendance Management Cell (AMC) of the Academic Department. For an Unplanned absence due to illness etc, a post-factor intimation is required from the absentee students.


Appreciation and encouragement have a significant impact on student’s progress. No matter at what level the student is, a noticeable 30% improvement in his rank is rewarded. So we acknowledge every student’s advancement compared to his previous ranking. For instance, a student had 100th rank in previous test and he moved up to 70th rank in next test, then surely it is worth noticing and he or she is rewarded for it.


Homework assignments given to the students are checked periodically by a dedicated team of teachers. In case of any non – compliance by students, parents are informed telephonically. Individual record file is maintained for each student.


Solution Registers are a unique feature introduced by Motion. These are provided to students along with the Practice sheets. Solution Registers help us check the work of student on a regular basis and also help us assess which type of questions a student is facing problems.


The Study Material covers the core concepts of a topic and has relevant illustrations which help the students understand the basics. Motion Study Material has earned the reputation of being the most up to date, when it comes to latest changes and trends in examination patterns. Exam oriented knowledge- base covering all the topics, to strengthen the fundamental concepts and develop problem – solving skills.

1.) Lucid explanation of every topic via printed notes.
2.) Exceptional feature of blank space for calculation after every question within the exercise sheet.
3.) Precise description as per latest JEE pattern.
4.) Daily homework practice load is kept limited to 25 questions per subject.
5.) 5000+ Pages of detailed Topic – wise Theory Notes (For 11th, 12th & 12th Pass).
6.) 1000+ Pages of detailed Topic Wise Theory Notes (For 8th, 9th, & 10th).
7.) Multi Level Exercise Sheets with Objective and Subjective questions.


An optimized revision is necessary for every student to perform his best. Meticulously prepared set of exclusive 1500 question, named FRM (Final Revision Module) helps the students to revise smartly & boost their confidence, for giving a final edge to the preparation. It includes:

1.) 3000 Questions – 1500 questions for Main (500 for each subjects) & 1500 questions for Advanced (500 for each subject).
2.) Detailed printed Solutions.
3.) Video Solutions for all 3000 questions (in CD).
4.) Solutions given & prepared by the best feedback faculty of Coimbatore.
5.) Carefully assembled questions provide through analysis of the probable pattern of the examination.
6.) Short cut methods and the tips and tricks provide the final polishing required for the examination.


CPS (Conceptual Problem Sheet) including 12 exercise sheets with 10 – 15 questions related to current and previous topic is provided to students. This ensures regular revision of previous topic and constant practice of running topic.


We conduct Periodic test series to judge and monitor the performance and understanding levels of students. Efforts are made to simulate real exam like scenario, so as to get the students acclimatized to exam situation. Regularly appearing for tests also increases student’s speed which is extremely important aspects for all the competitive examinations.

Motion Solution Lab

MSL is Motion’s unique feature which crafts the Organization different from other Coaching institute. We have highly demanded video lectures and solution for Pre medical(NEET/ AIIMS ) , JEE (Mains and Advanced) which consists of all the topics from Biology , Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subject, we also provides Video solutions for exercise sheets

Benefits of MSL

MSL is a complete coverage for all topics of JEE along with a variety of tips with shortcut methods and gives an in-depth view for the solution. Our laboratory is equipped with independent computers for the students to find practical solutions of the problem sheets according to their convenience. This saves time of the students as well as reduces the need for doubt session which may be sometimes very time consuming.

Total 335 Hours of Video recorded lectures for JEE (Main & Advance) of Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.

Physics subject – 110 Hours video lectures .
Chemistry subject – 140 Hours video lectures.
Mathematics subject – 85 Hours video lectures.

Total 370 Exercises in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advance) comprising 31051 questions:

Physics questions – 10451
Chemistry questions – 11071
Mathematics questions – 9529

Total 826 Hours of Video recorded solutions:

Physics subject – 341 Hours
Chemistry subject – 216 Hours
Mathematics subject – 269 Hours

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